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Swedish Microwave the leading manufacturer of  LNB


RF over Fiber


SMW Quad-Link 4 x L-band
forward channels +
10 MHz return channel
using single fiber cable.
0-10 km Link distance
minimum with very high
C/N maintained

 O E M


Swedish Microwave AB produces not only standard products for the professional market, but also customized products. We can also manufacture OEM and custom colors. Please contact us for details

New Products


C-Band BDC 3.4-4.8GHz
The C-Band PLL block down
converter is intended
for receiving C-Band
transmissions within
the frequency range
3.4 to 4.8 GHz.

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Pls visit our online shop.
We can make and ship PLL
LNB, BDC, LNA within a
week. Worldwide shipping
with FEDEX. Easy payment with Credit Card, Paypal
or Bank.



PLL LNB Production

With our very efficient inhouse
production lines we can make both
large and small quantities with
prompt delivery


Test of PLL LNB

Every single unit are rigorous
tested, all electrical checks,
temperature cycling and a
watertest for long lasting

R & D


We continuously develop new products for this market. If you have a LNB project we can work for you. We have a dedicated team here to help.


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Swedish Microwave (SMW) releases LNB Ku Wideband with an IF up to 3 000 MHz.

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IBC 2015

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Swedish Microwave (SMW) is a leading manufacturer of professional LNBs for the satellite market
We have helped customer in more than 120 countries
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