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X Band BDC

X-Band BDC 7.25-7.75 GHz

• Built in iltering
• Low phase noise
• Internal or External 10 MHz reference
• Compact size and light weight
• High operating temperature range
• For outdoor use
• Build-in applications. Low proile to it 1U

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Product Description

The X-Band PLL block down converter covers X-band within the frequency range 7.25 to
7.75 GHz. Fixed gain between 0 dB and 55 dB.

The BDC has some built in filtering for improved TX and IF margin, high IP3 and Low power consumption.

RF input is SMA female. IF output is standard L-band non inverted spectrum via N-,F- or
SMA-connector. Options include customized LO, customized gain, separate DC power input and separate input for the external 10 MHz reference.




X-Band BDC 7.25-7.75 GHz pdf

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