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Waveguide isolators from SMW

Waveguide isolators

Waveguide isolator transfers RF signals in one direction  with minimum loss


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Product Description

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A waveguide isolator transfers RF signals in only one direction on the waveguide with minimum loss.
This is very useful in cases where a very low input SWR is needed or to reduce reverse direction interfering signals.
All isolators are designed and tested to work seamlessly together with Swedish Microwave LNB and LNA products.
All isolators have high operating temperature range and are waterproof and corrosion resistant for use in outdoor environments.



Ku-Band Isolator

Ka-Band Isolator

Frequency Range

10 .70-12 .75 GHz

17 .30-22 .30 GHz

Input / Output VSWR

1 .3:1 max .

1 .4:1 max .

Isolation Output / Input

18 dB min .

16 dB min .

Insertion Loss

0 .4 dB max .

0 .5 dB max .


R 120 / WR75

R 220 / WR42

Input Flange

PBR 120 (O-ring groove, 4x threaded M4 holes)

PBR 220 (O-ring groove, 4x threaded M3 holes)

Output Flange

UBR 120 (flat flange with 4x 4.2mm diameter holes)

UBR 220 (flat flange with 4x 4.1mm diameter holes)

Input Power

1 W max .


T 6061 AL

Surface Treatment

Passivated by chromate conversion (electrically conductive)

Temperature Range

-40 to +80 ºC


60 g

40 g


Enclosed O-ring, mounting screws (M4 x 10) 4 pcs .

Enclosed O-ring, mounting screws (M3 x 8) 4 pcs .

Specifications are subject to change without notice. General terms Orgalime S 2012. Products from Swedish Microwave AB are made for commercial use.

Additional Information


Ku band, Ka band



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