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Professional LNBs, LNAs, BDC/TLTs and RFoFiber solutions for:

Teleports & Satellite Operators
TV Headends
Transponder Monitoring
TT&C Reception
Beacon & Antenna tracking

Earth Observation & Remote Sensing
Data reception
Beacon & Antenna tracking

Mobile & Marine Satcom
Beacon & Antenna tracking

New LNBs from

Ka-Band LNA

Ka-Band LNB with 2 to 8 LOs

LNB frpm

     Ku-Band LNA with Fault Monitoring and Alarm

10.41 LNBs

    New Wideband LNB for ASTRA Spec

OMT Ku-Band
Ku band OMT

Swedish Microwave’s OMT is used to separate two orthogonal linearly polarized signals simultaneously. The OMT can also support circular polarizations with a depolarizer.

Fiber Optic
C-Band PLL

System Fiber Optic Cables are available either as full length Field cables terminated with Q-ODC connectors both ends or as Patch Cables. Fiberoptic Splitters 1:2 or 1:3 can be supplied.

Ka-Band BDC
Ka-Band PLL

The Wideband output BDC supports reception of wider range of Ka-Band with 1 LO and extended IF output 950 – 2950 MHz. The BDC has a Low Phase Noise which is compliant to DVB-S2X Professional services.

LNA Ka-Band
LNA Ka Band

All LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) units are individually hand tuned for the very best performance available. Quality and long term reliability is also essential.


PLL LNB Production

With our very efficient in house
production lines we can make both
large and small quantities with
prompt delivery of both standard and customized satellite receiver products


Test of PLL LNB

Every unit is extensively tested to ensure full compliance to specification, including RF performance and environmental conditions.

R & D

RD PLL Low Noise Block converter

We continuously develop new satellites lnb. If you have a sat project we can work for you. We have a dedicated team here to help.

Swedish Microwave – Your reliable supplier for high-end satellite receiving

Professional satellite LNA LNB, BDCs, TLTs and RF over Fiber products for demanding applications in VSAT. Typical applications and solutions include VSAT, SNG, Cable-TV headends, Marine VSAT, HTS, SOTM, Teleports, Earth Observation / Remote Sensing and more.

High Stability PLL circuitry, available with optional External 10 MHz reference input for the most demanding applications. Our LNBs even outperform traditional LNA BDC systems. With low phase noise and excellent dynamic range to meet demands of HTS symbol/data rates. Many of our products also meet the DVB-S2X standard.

All in-house design and manufacturing, quality components, robust and proven hardware and units 100% tested prior to shipment. These are some of the steps we take to enable a high degree of customization and to ensure the well know SMW quality. This enable our generous warranty terms and provide our customers with hassle-free operation, year after year.


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High Gain Professional Ku-Band LNA with Fault Monitoring and Alarm Output

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Ka-Band LNB with 2 to 8 LOs

To be released @ SATELLITE 2019, May 6 – Booth 1743! Multiband Professional Ka-Band LNB with 2 to 8 LOs,... Read More →

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