Fantastic view over the two communication radio towers that was a big part of the long tradition with radio and RF.

Welcome to Swedish Microwave

For a century, our beloved city of Motala has been at the forefront of creating and manufacturing products for RF communication. This has fostered the curiosity, expertise, heritage, and professional competencies necessary meet the constantly increased market requirements.

Our focus is clear; to be the leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Blockdown converters (LNB), serving a global market.

To have R&D, production and all other company functions in the same location is invaluable for us. It creates a productive and innovative environment needed to serve our customers with great products, reliable deliveries, short response time and high flexibility.

We have great respect for the past. Because if you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going. Swedish Microwaves builds on a RF tradition that has been in Motala for over 100 years. The focus on innovation, shared knowledge and continuously improvement has been key factors for a long-term success. 

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Part of Beijer Tech

Swedish Microwave is included in the Beijer Tech Group that has 150 years of experience and innovation. Their management philosophy is to have a decentralized business responsibility and to have a long term vision, which fits Swedish Microwave perfectly.
This enables Swedish Microwave to be flexible enough to cope with the ever-changing market requirements and big enough to afford it.

Whatever changes may arise, now or in the future, one thing is certain. We will always put high focus on helping its customers getting products and solutions to increase their competitiveness. Our curiosity inspires us to improve further.