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Waveguide flanges


MIL-DTL-3922, is a United States Military Standard giving detailed descriptions of choke, gasket/cover and cover flanges for rectangular waveguide.

IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission, standard IEC 60154 describes flanges for square and circular waveguides.

EIA, The Electronic Industries Alliance is the body that defined the WR designations for standard rectangular waveguides. EIA flanges are designated CMR (for Connector, Miniature, Rectangular waveguide) or CPR (Connector, Pressurizable, Rectangular waveguide followed by the EIA number (WR number) for the relevant waveguide.

RCSC, The Radio Components Standardization Committee (RCSC) is the body that originated the WG designations for standard rectangular waveguides.


SMW products

C-band LNB:    WR229/R 40, CPR 229G flange.

X-band LNB:    WR112/R 82, Flange PBR 84 with M4 thread, CPR 112G flange as option.

Ku-band LNB:  WR75/R 120, Flange PBR 120 with M4 thread.

Ku-band LNA: WR75/R 120, Flange PBR 120 with M4 thread.

13-15 GHz LNB: WR75/R 120, Flange PBR 120 with M4 thread.

Ka-band LNA/LNB: WR42/ , Flange PBR 220 with M3 thread.

Ku-band OMT:    Flange C 120 (circular) for input with M4 thread, WR 75/ R 120 for outputs.



smw waveguide



PBR*)  = Pressurizable, B for square, R for waveguide.
UBR = Unpressurizable, B for square, R for waveguide.
CPR*) = Connector, Pressurizable, Rectangular waveguide.
CMR = Connector, Miniature, Rectangular waveguide (EIA).
WR = Waveguide Rectangular size (EIA).
R = Rectangular waveguide size (IEC).
WG = Wave Guide size (RCSC).
C = Circular waveguide,(C120 = 18mm circular).

*) NOTE! Don’t mount a gasket flange against another gasket flange!


Spare parts:

Part no    Item
811027    Screw M4x10mm
812000   O‐ring Ku‐band
811059    Screw M3x8mm
812016    O‐ring Ka‐band
812014    O‐ring X‐band
811057    Screw M6x25
811058    Spring M6
811020    Nut M6
812017    O‐ring Ka Isolator
811015     Nut M5 (Quadlink)
811064    Lock washer M5 (Quadlink)

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