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Professional Ka Band satellite Low Noise Block Downconverters and LNA products. Full KA-band frequency range covering Quad LNA-BDC systems are unique SMW product enabling simultaneous reception of the entire Ka-band with four normal L-band outputs. Also available are single- and 2-band switchable LNBs and BDCs, including models with O3b approval. All single units are rigorous tested for long lasting performance. Very low phase noise. Options include customized LO, customized gain, separate DC power input and separate input for the external 10 MHz reference. Our KA band frequency LNB products cover band frequency 17.30-22.30 GHz.  All product development and production are made in Sweden. Order easy online or contact us if you need more information.

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SMW is a leading manufacturer of professional LNBs for the satellite market. We have helped customer in more than 128 countries.
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