Monitoring and Control

• Allows Alarm and Monitoring & Control of LNB and BDC
• Standard Fieldbus RS-485 electrical and MODBUS RTU interface

First this allows you to monitor several alarms and key parameters and therefor see faults and even predict them. This is a big help when troubleshooting, for example if the temperature is too high or you detect a voltage drop in the unit, you could remedy the issue without having to send a field technician to the site. Less downtime and less overhead costs.

M&C makes digital control simple and dynamic, for instance, switch between different bands or quickly adjust the gain accordingly. No need for special equipment or buying custom products – instead adjust control parameters to your needs.

And finally, we can use this digital interface for instant fine-tune for best performance or modify customizable parameters prior to shipping.

Control examples
Band switching, Gain offset, Alarm trigger, Persistent alarm, Alarm output, Temp ºC or F, GPO output, Modbus rtu parity mode 

Monitor examples
Alarm, Persistent alarm, Selected band, IF out level, LNA current, Total current, Input voltage, Temperature, LO locked, ext. 10MHz detected, Ext 10MHz locked, Active ref (internal / 10MHz), 22kHz detect, Days of operation, Serial number, Software version 


• Monitoring & Control – function is enabled on select SMW products »»

• Hardware – connecting host / RTU and M8 cable (RS-485) and/or USB Transceiver, learn more about this here »»

• Register Map – for available (R/W) parameters, please note that the Register Maps are specific to each product model. Read more on register maps here »»
Download the latest Register Map in the Document section on the product page. Find product »»

• Modbus software or driver is not included, for purposes of testing or troubleshooting there is a SMW Monitoring & Control (M&C) Evaluation Tool available on request.

Learn more:

See QnA in Knowledge base »»

Product sheet about the Monitoring_and_Control_interface_rev06-23-2G »»

Hardware for Monitoring & Control Startkit »»

For further details, please contact SMW Sales Team »»

*This pictogram means that the M&C option is available

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