LNB - Professional satellite communication

LNB – Low Noise Block Downconverter
LNBs for Professional satellite communication to meet the highest demands. Our LNB Products are all of modern PLL design. All with low phase noise and noise figure. Tolerant design with high P1 dB, IP. Our RF over Fiber links help you get the best from your satellite dish antenna system. With excellent dynamic and very low phase noise and noise figure our product meet the demands of HTS symbol/data rate. Many of our products meet the DVB-S2X standard.
We are Europe’s oldest manufacturer of Low Noise Block Downconverters for satellite TV. We sell our products all over the world since 1986.
We designs and manufactures all products´s in Motala, SWEDEN. All units are individually hand tuned to get the very best performance available for each unit. Quality and long term reliability is very essential. This enables our generous warranty and provide you with hassle free operation for many years.

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