Customized Communications Since 1986

Teleports & Satellite Operators

Professional LNB, LNA, BDC/TLT and RFoFiber solutions for:
TV Headends,  Transponder Monitoring and TT & C Reception
Beacon & Antenna tracking

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  • X Band BDC

    X-Band BDC 7.25-7.75 GHz

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  • X PLL for satellite communications

    X-Band LNB Satcom & TLT

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  • X-band fiber products

    Fiber output X-Band LNB for Satcom and EO

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SMW is a leading manufacturer of professional LNBs for the satellite market. We have helped customer in more than 128 countries.
Pls meet us: 12-14 March at CABSAT Dubai. Please contact us at to arrange a meeting.