10 MHz Recovery Oscillator / DC Inserter L-Band

• For LNB and BUC
• L-Band and 22 kHz bypass
• Low power consumption

The Swedish Microwave 10 MHz Recovery oscillator is used to enhance the Phase Noise Performance of a 10 MHz Reference signal. Ideal for use together with LNB or BUC.
The Recovery Oscillator latches on to the incoming 10 MHz and the feedback loop filtering characteristics is set up to give a ”cleaning effect” of 50% at 10 Hz and 100% from 100 Hz and above.

Available with F-, N- or SMA-connectors. DC, L-Band and 22 kHz bypass is standard. Option include Separate DC power input via connector (F, N or SMA) or via cable (pigtail).

Product Specification

Documents & Files 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Product Sheets

L 10 MHz Recovery Oscillator DC inserter Product Sheets 2401 PDF 391.69 KB

Technical Drawings

L 10 MHz Oscillator with Diplexer DC inserter Technical Drawings 2401 PDF 465.52 KB
0A9B9D99-C32E-4C0D-8151-8708A9EE8F74 Configure Standard Product
911FAA0D-415A-44A3-B685-2D842F37E321 Request Tailor-Made Product
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