10 MHz Recovery Oscillator / DC Inserter

This 10 MHz Recovery oscillator enhances Phase Noise Performance

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The 10 MHz Recovery oscillator is used to enhance the Phase Noise Performance of a 10 MHz Reference Signal, thus ”cleaning” a noisy incoming 10 MHz signal. Ideal for example for Ka-Band BUC applications and more.
The Recovery Oscillator latches on to the incoming 10 MHz and it will not take care of stability issues of the incoming signal. Hence the feedback loop filtering characteristics is set up to give a “cleaning effect” of 50% at 10 Hz and 100% from 100 Hz and above.
Very Low power consumption OCXO.


Additional information

Connector IN (A)

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector

DC Connector (B)

via F-connector, via N-connector, via SMA-connector, via Pigtail 2m, N/A

Connector OUT (C)

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector

2nd 10MHz OUT (option) (D)

SMA-connector + DC Block




10 MHz Recovery Oscillator / DC Inserter

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