10 MHz Reference Oscillator with Diplexer

• Low Phase noise
• Made for outdoor use: Operating temperature  -40 to +80°C
• LO stability of ± 20 ppb ( parts per billion )
• Very Low power consumption OCXO

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The 10 MHz Reference oscillator is used for control of the local oscillator in LNB or BUC when a very
high LO stability and very low phase noise is needed. The 10 MHz reference oscillator gives a LO stability
of ±20 ppb = ±20 x 10E-9 ( ppb=parts per billion).
Very Low power consumption OCXO.

Additional information

Connector IN (A)

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector

DC Connector (B)

via F-connector, via N-connector, via SMA-connector, via Pigtail 2m, N/A

Connector OUT (C)

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector

2nd 10 MHz OUT (option) (D)

SMA-connector + DC Block




10 MHz Reference Oscillator pdf

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