Fiber output X-Band LNB Satcom & TLT

• Very Low Noise Figure
• Excellent Input VSWR
• Low phase noise meets DVB-S2X VSAT profile
• High P1dB and IP3
• Choose between Internal Ref. or External Ref. input models
• Compact size and light weight
• Wide operating temperature range
• Optional direct fiberoptic output
• Internal Filtering (LO 6.30)


DVB lnb sat


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The professional X-Band PLL LNB comes standard with Low Phase Noise to meet DVB-S2X Professional services. The LNB features VERY LOW input VSWR to avoid the need of an external isolator.
The LNB has built-in filtering for improved TX margin, High IP3 and Low power consumption. The compact size and light weight allows installation in various professional applications.

For further details, please contact SMW Sales Team »»

Additional information


6.30 Satcom (7.25-7.75 Ghz), 6.95 Satcom TX (7.9-8.4 GHz), 6.80 Earth Observation (7.75-8.50], Unknown

Internal/External reference:

±0.5 ppm -20 to +70°C (±1 ppm -40 to +70ºC), ±1 ppm -20 to +70°C (±1.5 ppm -40 to +70ºC), ext. 10 MHz ref., Unknown

Output connector:

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector, Unknown


Fixed gain (Beacon), 1550 nm fiber transmitter, CPR 112G flange adaptor, Separate DC input connector F-, N- or SMA-type, other output frequencies on request.



Product sheet

X-Band LNB Satcom & TLT_rev 04-21-5H

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