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Ka-Band LNB with 2 to 8 LOs, Intelligent Monitoring and Alarm Output

• Full input frequency range: 17.2 to 22.3 GHz
• IF range: from 950 up to 1950 MHz
• Multi-Band LNB with up to 8-Bands / LOs;
       For example, full Ka-Band coverage 17.2 to 22.3 GHz in 7 bands with IF 950-1750 MHz (800 MHz IF band)
• Adaptive filtering provides Industry leading Noise Figure across ALL bands
• Band switching: 13 / 15 / 18 / 24 VDC & 22 kHz tone on/off
• Monitoring of key LNB parameters;
       o LNA (Input stage) failure
       o RF Power
       o Internal / External LO lock
       o And more…
• Alarm interface: Open collector (open on fault)
       o Coming: Beacon style remote monitoring interface

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The new Professional Ka-Band Multi-Band LNB family features our new game changing hardware platform with adaptive filtering, intelligent monitoring and alarm output. These LNBs monitor key parameters and through the sum-alarm output users can ensure full system functionality and trigger redundancy switching.
In addition to up to 8 switchable bands, the LNB platform incorporates multiple sensors for monitoring and an industry standard open collector sum-alarm output;




Ka-Band Multiband 5 Band pdf

Ka-Band Multiband 3 Band pdf

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