Ka BDC 27.00-31.00 GHz 2-4 Band Uplink monitoring

BDC Ka-Band M&C TLT Uplink Monitoring

• External reference with fallback to Internal reference
• Alarm, Monitoring & Control as standard
• Low power consumption
• Transition WR28 waveguide to K2.92 connector as standard

The Swedish Microwave Ka-Band BDC for uplink monitoring is a well proven product with high reliability.

Product Specification

Documents & Files 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Product Sheets

Ka BDC 27.00-31.00 GHz 2-4 Band Uplink Monitoring Product Sheets 2401 PDF 431.84 KB

Technical Drawings

Ka LNB BDC 27.00-31.00 GHz Uplink Monitoring Technical Drawings 2401 PDF 608.84 KB

Register Maps

Ka LNB BDC 27.00-31.00 GHz 2-4 Band Uplink Monitoring Register Maps v1.0 2.94 KB
0A9B9D99-C32E-4C0D-8151-8708A9EE8F74 Configure Standard Product
911FAA0D-415A-44A3-B685-2D842F37E321 Request Tailor-Made Product
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