Ka BUC 27.00-31.00 GHz AESA


• Alarm, Monitoring & Control
• For built-in applications
• 1 inch (25,4 mm) height
• Automatic temperature gain compensation
• Low power consumption

The Swedish Microwave Ka BUC is with compact size well suited for integration in flat panel antennas or other built-in applications.

Product Specification

Description 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

The AESA Ka-Band Upconverter system consists of two modules, the main RF BUC module, which upconverts the IF block, and the Filter & Medium Power Amplifier module that provides the selected band filtering and power amplification to the signal going to the active antenna array.

Recommended to be used with our Ka BDC 17.30-22.30 GHz 1-8 Bands AESA and Ka FILTERED AMPLIFIER 27.00-31.00 GHz AESA

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Documents & Files 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Product Sheets

Ka BUC 27.00-31.00 GHz 1-4 Band AESA Product Sheets 2402 PDF 481.49 KB
Ka System 27.00-31.00 GHz BUC and Filtered Amplifier AESA Product Sheets 2401 PDF 479.8 KB

Register Maps

Ka BUC 27.00-31.00 GHz AESA Register Maps v0.8 2.99 KB
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