OMT Ku-Band

The Swedish Microwave OMT (Ortho Mode Transducer) is used to separate two orthogonal linearly polarized signals simultaneously. For our Quattro and Twin LNB.
The OMT can also support circular polarizations with a depolarizer. Greater than 31.5 dB isolation between the two linear polarizations is achieved.

Product Specification

Description 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8


• Bend for the vertical polarization.
• Weather protection cover.
• Waveguide cover for H-pol port.
• Depolarizer for circular polarizations.

Documents & Files 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Product Sheets

OMT Ku-Band Product Sheets 2401 PDF 177.43 KB

Technical Drawings

OMT Ku-band Technical Drawings 2401 PDF 133 KB
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