PLL BDC 5.70-7.25 GHz – C Band

5.70-7.25 GHz to
L-Band BDC (Block DownConverter)

• Low phase noise to meet DVB-S2X
VSAT profile
• Choose between Internal Ref. or
External Ref. input models
• Compact size and light weight
• Wide operating temperature range
• For outdoor use, IP 67 classed
• Low profile to fit 1U for build-in applications
• LNB-Link / Versa-Link for Fiber optic RF link

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The C-Band PLL block down converter is intended for monitoring C-Band uplink transmissions within the frequency range 5.7 to 7.25 GHz. Fixed gain between 0 dB and 55 dB.

RF input is SMA female. IF output is standard L-band non inverted spectrum via N-,F- or SMA-connector. Options include customized LO, customized gain, separate DC power input and separate input for the external 10 MHz reference.




PLL BDC 5.70-7.25 GHz pdf

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