Quattro Fiber output Ku-Band LNB

• Directly compatible with SMW Quattro and Versa Link Fiber receivers and compatible with a wide range of RF over Fiber receivers on the market
• Small size and low power consumption
• Ultra low phase noise to meet all profiles of DVB-S2X.
• Choose between Internal Ref. or External Ref. input models
• AGC – Automatic Gain Control (Option: Fixed Gain for large antennas and Beacon).
• RF monitor and DC supply via SMA connectors.
• Cost effective compared to running a separate fiber transmitter to a RF output LNB.
• High P1dB and IP3 out RF via Fiber receiver
• Wide operating temperature range




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Highest RF and optical performance
Single frequency conversion and directly modulated DFB lasers results in best possible performance.
Up to 20 km standard 1310 nm (optional up to 40 km with 1550 nm) single mode fiber cable distance, depending on link budget.
Perfect for applications where professional fiber distribution from an antenna is needed but space and/or budget is limited.

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Additional information


E 10.7-11.7 (LO 9.75)/11.7-12.75 (LO 10.6), B 10.95-.11.7 (LO10.0)/11.7-12.75 (LO10.75), Unknown

Output connector:

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector, Unknown


Fixed gain (Beacon), 1550 nm fiber transmitter

Internal/External Ref

± 1 ppm @ -20° to +70° C, ± 1.5 ppm @ -40° to +70° C, ext. 10 MHz ref., Unknown

Optical Output

1310 nm, 1550 nm, Unknown

AGC/Fixed gain

AGC, Fixed gain (Beacon), Unknown

Phase Noise

DVB-S2X, Unknown


drawing fiber quattro

Product sheet

Ku-Band WDL PLL LNB Quattro_rev 08-21-10G

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