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Adjustable L-Band amplifiers

Adjustable Line amplifiers, Slope 18-25 dB gain

and Flat 24 dB gain

• High IP3 and P1dB
• 22 kHz and 10 MHz bypass
• Compact and light weight
• IP67 classed
• Wide operating temperature range
• Equivalent with previous version, ILA 18-24

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Our new adjustable Low power Line Amplifiers have very
high IP3 and P1dB to allow to be installed direct after or
close to the LNB.
Available with F-, N- or SMA-connectors.
DC, 22 kHz and 10 MHz bypass, is standard. Options include
Separate DC power input via connector (F, N or SMA) or via
cable (pigtail), DC-block.

Additional information

Gain typ:

18 dB @ 950 MHz, 25 dB @ 2150 MHz, adjustable -10 dB, 24 dB @ 950 – 2150 MHz, adjustable -10 dB




Separate DC input (via F / N / SMA-connector, or via pigtail, 2 m cable), DC-block @ input


Adjustable L-Band amplifiers PDF



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