Startkit for Monitoring & Control

RF and System Components M&C

• Hardware kit to connect a PC to a SMW LNB / BDC
• For setup and reading of alarms for troubleshooting and redundancy
switching including first input stage (LNA) current monitoring
• Band (LO) switching, LNB conversion gain control and more
• Easy monitoring of parameters like RF output power, Voltage,
Current and more...
• Standard Fieldbus RS 485 electrical and MODBUS RTU interface

The Swedish Microwave Modbus Monitoring & Control Hardware Startkit contains a USB to RS485 transceiver with a 0.2 meter cable and a 2 meter M8 cable for connecting the host (PC) to LNB (or BDC) with Monitoring & Control option enabled.

Product Specification

Description 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Monitoring & Control (M&C) is used for Monitoring of parameters like RF output power, Voltage, Current and more.
The Control functionality includes Band (LO) switching, LNB gain and more.

After connecting the USB to RS485 transceiver* to a host (PC) and the M8 cable to a device you will be able to monitor and control it. See available parameters in the specific models technical specifications (Read (R)/Write(W)) register map.

Modbus software or driver is not included, but for purposes of testing or troubleshooting there is a SMW (M&C) Evaluation Tool available on request. Please note that the Register Maps are specific to each product model and available at SMW web site.

Accessories available for chain connection of multiple LNB.

*WIN Driver for USB-transceiver:
Download the latest from

Documents & Files 41C25639-EC1E-4330-A85F-624D51C798E8

Product Sheets

Monitoring and Control Startkit Product Sheets 2401 PDF 535.77 KB
Monitoring and Control interface key features Product Sheets 2401 PDF 1.06 MB
Direct and Chain Connection Schematic for Monitoring and Control Product Sheets 2401 PDF 265.99 KB
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