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RMA Request

(Return Material Authorization)

Swedish Microwave is very proud and confident in our product and production line.
Even though, 0.28 % of our products causes our customers problem and not performing according as promised, we will take care of this.
With our generous 36 months warranty from delivery date and open way to handle products that is not working as expected. You will always be in good hands with Swedish Microwave.

Most often there is a simple explanation to your device problem. The products Manuals and Quick guides contains useful information.


Before you move on to sending your device back, please check following:

  • Cables and connectors. Old/broken cables are often a problem.
  • Power supply to the device. Check product sheet for correct V DC and other PSU.
  • What kind of signal/application are you receiving to your device?
  • Other possible error or malfunction?

How to request RMA

When requesting RMA please submit your name, emailaddress and company details. Which product, part number or serial number this is regarding. Also submit an photo of the device. Then explain the issue in detail and any other information that could be useful. Thank you. 

Please send the request to emailaddress:


There are no user serviceable parts inside the products. Any products returned without RMA number will be refused.