Swedish Microwave (SMW) releases an Upper-Band C-Band PLL LNB.

Swedish Microwave (SMW) releases a new Upper-Band C-Band PLL LNB.


Swedish Microwave AB, a leading manufacturer of Low Noise Blockdownconverters (LNB), releases a Upper-band C-Band PLL LNB. The LNB covers the frequency 4.500-4.800 GHz and has integrated filters to isolate interfering signals (WiMAX etc.). The professional PLL LNB is available with either internal high LO-stability or external 10 MHz reference.

Swedish Microwave was founded 1986 and is today a leading manufacturer of professional LNBs (Low Noise Block converters). The company is located in Motala Sweden, and to date the products are installed in more than 115 countries.

All work is in-house allowing custom-design products, short delivery times, high flexibility, quick service and support.

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For further information please contact: Swedish Microwave AB Tel: +46 141216135

e-mail info@smw.se