Single band PLL BDC – Ka Band

Professional Ka-Band BDC with
Low Phase Noise

• Frequency range 17.3-22.2 GHz
• Several LO frequencies available
• Choose between Internal Ref. or External Ref. input models
• Low phase noise (DVB-S2X compliant)
• High P1dB and IP3
• Compact size and light weight
• Wide operating temperature range

DVB lnb sat


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The Ka-Band BDC single BDC that covers the wide frequency range 17.3-22.2 GHz with several
sub-bands and LO frequencies.
The BDC has a Low Phase Noise which is compliant to DVB-S2X Professional services.
It is designed for reliable operation over a high temperature range for installation in various outdoor environments or build-in applications.
Options include customized LO, customized gain, separate DC power input and separate input for the external 10 MHz reference.

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16.35 GHz (17.30-18.30 GHz), 16.75 GHz (17.70-18.70 GHz), 17.20 GHz(18.20-19.20 GHz), 17.25 GHz (18.20-19.20 GHz), 18.20 GHz (19.20-20.20 GHz), 18.25 GHz (19.20-20.20 GHz), 18.75 GHz (20.20-21.20 GHz), 19.20 GHz(20.20-21.20 GHz), 19.25 GHz (20.20-21.20 GHz), 20.20 GHz (21.20-22.20 GHz), 20.25 GHz (21.20-22.20 GHz)

Internal/External reference:

±1 ppm -40 to +60ºC (±1,5 ppm -40 to +80ºC), ±2,5 ppm -40 to +60ºC (±1,5 ppm -40 to +80ºC), ext 10 MHz ref

Output connector:

F-connector, N-connector, SMA-connector

Gain nominal:

0 dB, 5 dB, 10 dB, 15 dB, 20 dB, 25 dB, 30 dB, 35 dB, 40 dB, 45 dB, 50 dB, 55 dB, 60 dB

Separate DC input:

None, SMA

Separate input external reference

None, SMA

DC output (to LNA):

None, SMA


Ka band bdc

Drawing Low profile

drawing low profile


Ka-Band Single PLL BDC_V02_Rev 06-21-7E-1

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